Joining Our Voices: Envisioning the Future of Serious Illness Care is a weeklong virtual symposium that brings together policy professionals, advocates, healthcare professionals, caregivers and peers in conversation to share experiences, innovations, and opportunities for the future of North Carolina’s serious illness care.

This event is organized by the North Carolina Serious Illness Coalition in collaboration with its membership representing more than 200 industry leaders from more than 100 health organizations.

Latest Insights

Friday Facts Interview with Kenya Servia

Join us as we sit down the Kenya Servia, Business Development and Outreach Specialist for the NC Health Information Exchange Authority (NC HIEA).

Friday Facts Interview with Carol Henderson

Join us as we talk with Carol Henderson about how to write through grief.

Friday Facts Interview with Tara Muller

Join us as we talk with Policy Attorney, Tara Muller, from Disability Rights North Carolina.