NC Caregiving Policy Summit: Changing the Care Conversation

The NC Caregiving Collaborative convenes organizations and individuals engaged in caregiving advocacy. We focus on improving the quality, equity, and accessibility of services and supports for caregivers of those with serious illness, cognitive impairment, and/or intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities across the lifespan.


Members of the NC Caregiving Collaborative participated in the Changing the Care Conversation project. The media kit below was created to help partner organizations and other allies continue the project’s advocacy efforts. Use your own social media channels to amplify key findings, testimonials, and insights offered by project organizers and Caregiver Champions from North Carolina.

Click here or on the graphic to download the .pdf guide for the Social Media Kit.
Click here or on the graphic to download the .pdf guide for the social media tiles.

Care Conversations With Caregiver Champions

North Carolina selected 10 Caregiver Champions who attended workshops and completed training to help use their lived experience for advocacy efforts to improve policies supporting caregivers in NC. The videos shared here feature Champions highlighting a number of issues faced by caregivers across the lifespan.

Watch this montage video for a quick understanding of the conversation over this past year. Our Ten Caregivers Champions share some introductory thoughts about their roles in supporting loved ones, including some challenges they must face.

Watch More Care Conversations from Caregiver Champions

Understanding the Caregiver and the Family System

Caring for the caregiver and other immediate family members helps ensure that the larger support network is strong and ready to handle any challenges. Alicia, Amy, Brittany, Denise, Joseph, Karen A. and Renate’ explore ways programs could be developed to support the larger health of the caregiving family and community. Additional insights include how cultural competence of non-traditional families can be helpful for building trust.

A Wishlist for Improving Care and Access

Alicia, Denise, Heather, Karen A, Joseph, Karen S and Renate’ offer insights from personal experience to suggest ways to improve systems of care, from access to services, to compassionate and mindful care with each individual in mind.

Successful State and Medical Support Strategies

Caregiver champions Amy and Heather share stories of success when accessing state services and medical care.

The Value of Community Networks

It takes a village. As Brittany, Amy and Nancy share, sometimes additional services beyond direct in-home care state interventions are necessary. Expanding ones network helps fill in the gaps when resources might not be immediately available.

We would like to thank Jon Camp of Ever Living Memories, LLC for producing these amazing videos. He did a beautiful job weaving common threads among many diverse caregiving experiences. Audio obtained through Audioblocks.

The NC Caregiving Policy Summit was held on May 10 and 11, 2023. View recordings of both days here:
Day One
Day Two

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