NCIOM Task Force Priority Recommendations

The North Carolina Serious Illness Coalition is the evolution of the work done by the NCIOM Task Force on Serious Illness Care. Our work is a continuation of statewide partnerships to advance the recommendations made in the Task Force’s final report.

There are 13 Priority Recommendations, each with very clear tasks.

  • Recommendation 2.1: Establish coordinated statewide leadership to facilitate implementation of recommendations and ongoing work to achieve quality of living for individuals with serious illness  (This has been accomplished with the establishment of the NCSI Coalition.)
  • Recommendation 2.3: Prioritize health equity and the reduction of disparities as guiding principles throughout implementation of all recommendations of the Task Force on Serious Illness Care
  • Recommendation 3.1: Deliver goal-concordant, coordinated, team-based care for individuals with serious illness
  • Recommendation 3.4:  Develop and apply new payment models to support palliative care delivery
  • Recommendation 3.5:  Convene a work group tasked with assessing and developing appropriate quality metrics for serious illness care
  • Recommendation 4.2: Develop statewide initiative for improved awareness of, and support for, completion of advance care planning
  • Recommendation 4.6: Revise signature and notary requirements for advance directives documents
  • Recommendation 4.7: Ease administrative burden, increase participation in completing documents, and improve accuracy of Advance Directives
  • Recommendation 4.9: Promote electronic completion and adequate integration of advance directives and portable medical orders
  • Recommendation 4.11: Expand home- and community-based services to better support individuals with serious illness and their caregivers.
  • Recommendation 4.12: Establish Task Force on Caregiving for Those with Serious Illness and analyze additional legislative solutions and financing options to meet the needs of caregivers
  • Recommendation 5.2: Promote models of interdisciplinary training for best practices in serious illness care, including palliative care
  • Recommendation 5.4: Increase access to serious illness care through expanded implementation of innovative models of care delivery (including telehealth and community- and home-based care)
The Final Report was published in July 2020.