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The Carolinas Health Innovation Institute: Innovation is Coming

The Carolinas Health Innovation Institute: Innovation is Coming

Carolinas Health Innovation Institute

Innovation is all around us across the Carolinas.

Every day, our organizations and people are coming up with new and creative ways to take better care of individuals and their communities. Yet these efforts are not always coordinated among key stakeholders – payors, providers, and policy makers – to help make these innovative practices widespread.

The Carolinas Health Innovation Institute (CHII2) fills this role by supporting the people, communities, and organizations that are identifying new ways to deliver care that improves outcomes while reducing disparities. We are able to further evaluate new initiatives to build a sustainable business case for these new models. Together with our partners we will connect the dots among these efforts with the interests of state officials and payors to help make the best practice a sustained, spread, and standard practice across the Carolinas.

It will take all of us to instill a new approach to health innovation in the Carolinas. One that accelerates new ideas backed by reliable data, shared with stakeholders, all focused on creating health equity. As we build this new future, it has become clear that the Institute needs a name that speaks to its purpose in a unique, bold, and creative way – an identity that exemplifies its vision – and to that point, change is coming in 2021, so stay tuned.

If you missed the CHII Introductory Presentation at the May Coalition Meeting, watch it below.