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NC Serious Illness Coalition Members Issue Equity Statements

NC Serious Illness Coalition Members Issue Equity Statements

The NCSI Coalition is just over 3 months old and we have attracted a diverse membership of 120 individuals from many disciplines representing over 70 healthcare, patient advocacy and serious illness-focused organizations.  

Our mission and vision, developed from principles of the NC Institute of Medicine’s Task Force on Serious Illness Care, is grounded in our belief in health equity and work to undo the disparate impact of serious illness on vulnerable populations, including the challenges created by lack of access to resources, services and care. 

Recommendation 2.3 states: Prioritize health equity and the reduction of disparities as guiding principles throughout implementation of all recommendations of the Task Force on Serious Illness Care.

The NCSI Coalition takes this opportunity to share statements from several organizations associated with your coalition.  In doing so we join with many voices speaking out against systemic racism and the disproportionate effect of serious illness and death among people of color reducing the opportunity to live longer, healthier and safer lives.  

Click the links below, and send us additional statements that we can add to them: