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Friday Facts Interview with Shemecka McNeil

Friday Facts Interview with Shemecka McNeil

Shemecka McNeil, Founder and Executive Director of Slice325 joined Friday Facts on September 8 to discuss the work and mission of Slice325 in educating on the diversity of food in an affordable and creative way and the role of nutrition in aging and serious illness.

You can learn more about her and her expertise below.

Shemecka has a close relationship with food and health.

Her family has a long history of diabetes along with other preventable health-related illnesses. She’s worked in the health sector for over 10 years and knows first-hand the importance of a nutritious diet.

She’s found that health often starts with food, and therein began my journey to help others (and herself) live a better life.

She founded SLICE 325 to educate low-income people on the many creative ways to serve healthy meals using affordable ingredients.

She believes that families are unique as plates and is passionately committed to meeting the challenge, one appetite at a time!

Learn more at Slice 325’s site.

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