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National Healthcare Decisions Day Guide

National Healthcare Decisions Day Guide

After you file your taxes on April 15, can we talk about how you can take steps to take charge of personal decisions about end of life care on National Healthcare Decisions Day (April 16)? 

You can make decisions now regarding your future health care–and only you can exercise this right for yourself!  Start by talking with your loved ones, medical team, and faith community.  Make a choice about who you want to be your voice regarding your healthcare decisions, so that your wishes are still represented if/when you can no longer speak for yourself. Consider completing a Healthcare Power of Attorney and/or Living Will document(s) to set the legal foundation of your choices.

Engaging in advance care planning is not easy, but you can do hard things.  Please consider starting a conversation, and when ready, completing your documents.  Need assistance or support?  We’re here to help!

National Healthcare Decisions Day Guide

Resources to Get You Started for National Healthcare Decisions Day