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NCSI Coalition Clinical Practice Forum #2: Intro to Data Analytics in Serious Illness: The Impact of Interoperability and Patient Access on Quality Serious Illness Care

How can improvements in the electronic exchange of patient health information (interoperability) improve patient and family caregiver experience, quality of care, and outcomes?

This is the first in a series of forums set for this year on interoperability and patient experience that will include topics such as the role of the Health Information Exchange, details on the new CMS Patient Access Rules, and discussions on ethics related to this population and quality.

Develop and promote statewide EHR and data exchange policies that:

  • Bring a patient’s non-medical information more to the forefront
  • Develop “triggers” within electronic records that prompt clinicians to ask about the person (financial, psychosocial, etc.), not just about their disease or condition.
  • Develop recommendations for what information should be stored for patients with serious illness.
  • Establish more consistent and standard data exchanges using existing continuity of care documents (CCD) to reduce the variation of data providers receive during transitions. (Goal is to reduce the investments providers need to make to receive the information and reduce the impact on clinical workflow.)
  • Create a “safe”, non-competitive forum for sharing of best practices in interoperability to reduce costs and duplication for provides seeking to more quickly obtain critical information during transfers
  • Ensure patients with serious illness have ready and full access to their information