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National Healthcare Decisions Day Guide

After you file your taxes on April 15, download this guide to learn how you can take steps to take charge of your health,...

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Caregivers and Patient Engagement, Communication, Advocacy, and Education

Andrea Harris Task Force Releases Second Biannual Report to Governor Cooper

The Andrea Harris Social, Economic, Environmental, and Health Equity Task Force today released its first biannual report outlining policy recommendations to address disparities in...

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Advance Care Planning

Launch of New Advance Care Planning Video Series

In support of National Healthcare Decisions Day, this original video series answers North Carolinians common questions with expert answers.

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North Carolina State House Communication, Advocacy, and Education

A New Year, New Decade, And New North Carolina General Assembly Opening Session for 2021

With the NC General Assembly back in session, there has never been a more appropriate time to rise together and use our collective voices...

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Supporting Frontline Healthcare Workers in the Pandemic

In the midst of the many challenges facing the general population throughout the pandemic, key statewide health organizations are calling out specific ways to...

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Caregivers and Patient Engagement

Engaging the Voices of Serious Illness: Nothing About Us Without Us

2020's election provided a special opportunity for our voices to be heard by voting for the candidates, issues, and future we each desire, but...

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Clinical Practice

Why Data Analytics is Important in Healthcare

Healthcare providers can integrate data analytics into their practice. Learn how this helps provide higher quality care, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce overall costs.

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